8 The Best RGB CPU Coolers in 2020

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CPU coolers are one of the essential pieces of hardware you need to fit into your gaming room. While playing videogames your CPU will heat a lot as the equipment runs, an effective cooling system can help prevent this.

CPU cooling units necessarily make sure that your PC doesn’t overheat and stop running. Spending money on the CPU coolers makes sure that you don’t have to spend a lot of money replacing your hardware. There are two essential kinds of coolers you can buy; air coolers and liquid coolers. Each one has its benefits and disadvantages, with liquid cooling generally being more efficient but has a higher price.

Air cooling might cost less; however; it isn’t as effective as liquid cooling units. Regardless of which cooling unit you buy; both can also help improve the look of your PC. Manufacturers now incorporate RGB lighting into cooling units that help create a great atmosphere.

Regardless of which type of Cooling unit you’re looking to buy, here are the best Air cooling and liquid cooling units you can buy.

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04 Best RGB CPU Air Coolers

Below, we will talk about four the very best RGB air coolers available on market:

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The first Air cooling unit on our list is the DEEPCOOL GAMMAX GT BK. Immediately on first glance, you’ll notice the striking aesthetic of the machine. It looks exceptional, and you see the premium quality of the build at once. The DEEPCOOL GAMMAX has dimensions of 5.3” *3.3” *6.14. You can fit the cooling unit into a mid-size tower without significant difficulty. Additionally, the machine also has RGB lighting to help make it look even more striking. RGB lighting is predominantly in two places.

You can find the first lighting installation on the main aluminum panel of the cooling unit. The second lights are in the fans; you can control both of the views from the aluminum control panel. The sync between the two helps create an incredibly brilliant atmosphere. Apart from being an aesthetically bright unit, the GAMMAX GT BK also has pretty phenomenal performance.

The 120mm fan not only looks impressive, it efficiently provides a brilliant cooling solution. Furthermore, four direct contact heat pipes ensure there’s minimal thermal resistance, and the transfer of heat is immediate. Additionally, the fins are thinner and stand at 0.5mm currently. These fans are lighter than regular and rapidly transfer heat, so the cooling performance of GT BL improves.

Additionally, the gaming radiator is also widely compatible and easy to install in a wide variety of machines. If you combine the aesthetic, the performance, the compatibility, and the nominal price of the device, you’ll hardly find a better deal.

Jonsbo CR301 Down-Flow Radiator RGB CPU Air Cooler

If you’re ready for the first heavy-duty radiator on our list, then take a look of the Jonsbo Down-Flow radiator. The design of the fan is incredibly striking. It features two 120mm RGB fans, with a tower design that dramatically increases the efficiency of the cooling unit. Aside from this, the design of the CPU cooler allows the RGB lighting to shine through brilliantly.

Moreover, RGB lighting is controllable through a straightforward controller. Additionally, the fan makes use of 6 direct contact heat fans to ensure effective transfer of heat to the CPU. Furthermore, the incredibly thin aluminum fins of the radiator will facilitate the thermal transfer. Having more fans and better fins will enable the cooling unit to provide an efficient cooling solution much more effectively than some of the other fans on our list.

The top-down mounting of the fans ensures that the most considerable volume of cold air is passing through the fans onto your hardware.

The cooling unit may be significant in size when comparing it to other hardware on our list; however, it’s still incredibly compatible with a variety of different cases. The easy installation, in combination with the high-level performance, makes this cooling unit a must buy.

04 Best RGB CPU Liquid Coolers

Below, we will talk about four the very best RGB liquid coolers available on market:

Corsair H100i RGB PLATINUM AIO Liquid CPU Cooler
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The first liquid cooler on the list is the Corsair H100i RGB liquid cooler. The liquid cooler uses two pro series magnetic RGB fans. Each fan is 120mm in size and offers both a robust cooling solution and excellent design choice. Additionally, the fans also provide a higher amount of air that flows through the cooling units.

Furthermore, multiple LEDs effectively light up the front end of the pump to create an incredible aesthetic for your build. Moreover, the performance of the liquid cooler is far better than the performance of air coolers. Using liquid coolers, you can easily overclock your GPU and get the max out of your PC.

Furthermore, the cold plate and the pump work efficiently together to provide your PC with an efficient cooling system. An active cooling system that’s also very silent and performs admirably as well. Additionally, the CORSAIR iCUE software enables you to not only adjust the RGB coloring unit but, it allows you to monitor several vital aspects of the CPU. These aspects include the CPU temperature, fan speed, and coolant temperatures all in one place, allowing you to track everything easily.

Apart from being incredibly aesthetic and having high-level performance, the liquid cooling unit has a simple installation as well. You can watch the video available on the Corsair website if you’re having any trouble.

Being a proper liquid cooling unit, the price of the Corsair is significantly higher than the cost of the Air coolers. However, the liquid cooling units have substantially better performance when you compare them to Air coolers. By paying the higher price, you get much more effective cooling, so it’s worth the extra money.

Cooler Master MasterLiquid ARGB CPU Cooler

The third Cooler Master cooling unit on this list is immediately recognizable by its similar aesthetic as well. The Liquid cooler features two large RGB fans and an RGB head pump. The lighting looks brilliant with the black chassis. The radiator is 240mm in size and will fit in some mid-tower cases and all full tower cases comfortably.

Furthermore, the RGB lights are controllable through an easy to set up the remote. You can use this remote to change the colors, adjust the brightness, and change the dynamic modes of the lighting. Moreover, you can use the CM Plus software to monitor performance and improve the light as well.

The MasterLiquid ARGB uses two dual fans that take in massive amounts of air and provide an efficient cooling system. Moreover, the pump has two chambers that mostly separate the hot coolant from the cold one to provide more effective cooling. The Unit is also easy to install so you won’t have to waste a lot of time.

Cooler Master does live up to their name with this excellent CPU cooler.

NZXT Kraken X62

The NZXT Kraken is equally as impressive as its name. The RGB Liquid Cooler uses an infinity mirror design that effectively improves the impact of the lighting. The infinity mirrors are perfect and quickly help the illumination of this liquid cooler to stand out. Apart from the superior lighting performance, the NZXT Kraken X62 has some of the best cooling performance amongst liquid coolers.

The Liquid cooling units contain two 140mm radiator fans that effectively help cool down the CPU. Furthermore, the design of the new radiator fans ensures that they not only provide active cooling but are also quieter than before. One of the most critical fixtures of liquid cooling units is the low amount of noise they make.

Additionally, the NZXT Kraken has brilliant software that allows you to manage the performance of your liquid cooling unit. The CAM software will enable you to monitor the temperature levels of the Kraken.

The company offers a six-year warranty to complete the perfect package. If you’re looking for a solid cooling unit with a minimal aesthetic, this is perfect for you.

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