Owing to advancements in next-generation consoles, most people prefer the more responsive gaming monitor over gaming TV. They are great for the desktop, giving rich images in compact screen sizes. Besides, gaming has propelled 4K, fast refresh rates, and other great features into the mainstream. Therefore you will need the best gaming monitor for Xbox series S to enjoy gaming to the fullest. However, not every monitor is suitable for gaming or fits the needs of the most recent generation. So, we have prepared a list of monitors compatible with the Xbox Series S.

Gaming Monitors Vs. Gaming TVs?

You might be wondering which is better for the next-generation console, a gaming monitor or a gaming TV?" That depends entirely on your priorities. Let's start with some of the advantages of gaming televisions – or televisions in general. Size is certainly an important consideration — gaming televisions have larger displays that allow better levels of realism while playing AAA titles. Also, they frequently feature 4K screen resolutions, vibrant colors and are versatile in that they serve as both a TV and a console display. However, they are far slower than gaming monitors and suffer from screen artifacts such as blurring, ghosting, smearing, and tearing.

Keep in mind that the Xbox Series S does not support the 4K gaming performance possible in terms of performance. Now that we understand why we prefer gaming monitors over gaming tv let's check out the best gaming monitor for Xbox series S.

1. AOC 24" Curved Frameless Gaming Monitor, C24G1A

AOC C24G1A 24" Curved Frameless Gaming Monitor, FHD 1920x1080, 1500R, VA, 1ms MPRT, 165Hz (144Hz supported), FreeSync Premium, Height adjustable Black
  • 24" class, 23.6" viewable AOC Gaming monitor with 1920 x 1080 Full HD Resolution
  • 1500R curved monitor wrapping around your vision for an immersive gaming experience. Purchase multiple C24G1As for an even more immersive battle station.
  • Rapid 1ms (MPRT) response and now with 165Hz (via DP 1.2 port) refresh rate with AMD FreeSync Premium for smoothest competitive gameplay (48-165Hz LFC supported via DP)
  • 3-sided frameless design with ultra-narrow borders for the ultimate multi-monitor setup
  • Height adjustable stand with swivel, tilt, and quick release for optimum ergonomics | VESA mounting compatible wall/desk mounting options

For a responsive gaming experience, count on the AOC 24" Curved Frameless Gaming monitor, C24G1A. It can compete with high-end best gaming monitors with advanced gaming capabilities thanks to its 1ms MPRT reaction time. Though you won't need to break a bank when buying the monitor, it may remain low-key while providing immersive and smooth gameplay. It deals with displaying deep blacks and vibrant colors. Furthermore, it has a curved VA panel, limiting viewing angles, which may be insufficient given the 24-inch screen size.

Though the 1080p resolution isn't demanding, especially for games, 93PPI pixel density may compensate for this significant downside and offer crisp visual details. In addition, the unit is a high-speed monitor with a refresh rate of 165Hz. The pixel response time is also almost the same, an added plus. Besides, the various display modes available will modify the screen settings and make it ideal for gaming.

This best gaming monitor for the Xbox series S won't disappoint you by providing Free-Sync/G-Sync compatibility, boosting the screen, and preventing tearing in fast-paced scenarios. It will also ensure motion blur reduction that we perceive when watching movies or playing video games. Additionally, this monitor has a variety of ergonomics and several connectivity connectors for pairing devices. However, there are no USB 3.0 ports available for connection.

  • PROS
  • An ideal monitor for a gamer working on a budget
  • It has a VA panel which offers great colors
  • The height is adjustable with a great design
  • The external frames are very thin and look great
  • CONS
  • You will need to calibrate the VA panel.

2. LG Ultragear NVIDIA G-SYNC Compatible Gaming Monitor, 27"

LG 27GL83A-B 27 Inch Ultragear QHD IPS 1ms NVIDIA G-SYNC Compatible Gaming Monitor, Black
  • 27 inch QHD (2560 X 1440) IPS display
  • IPS 1ms response time & 144Hz refresh rate
  • NVIDIA G-SYNC Compatible. Surface Treatment-Haze 25%, 3H
  • 3-Side virtually borderless design
  • Tilt, Height, Pivot adjustable stand. Dimensions Without Stand (WxHxD)- 24.2 x 14.4 x 2.2 inches

LG Ultragear Nvidia G-Sync Compatible Gaming monitor features a modern virtual border-less design with an IPS compatible display, widening the viewing angles while revealing peak brightness. As a result, the monitor is ideal for personal and console gaming use. It features a 27-inch wide display with a resolution of 2560 x 1440 and outstanding color accuracy with 99 percent RGB color gamut coverage.

With a reaction time of 1ms, you will love playing high-speed or fast-action games. The 144Hz refresh rate also improves display performance by allowing continuous and quick fluid motion without missing anything. Besides, the variable refresh rate, which is compatible with G-Sync and Adaptive-Sync, reduces the possibility of screen tearing. Also, a low input lag makes a difference when playing various games since it helps gamers visualize every moment of the players and have realistic game views.

Furthermore, this unit makes the best gaming monitor for Xbox series X. With Display Port and HDMI 2.0 inputs; it would effortlessly pair up with Xbox, Playstation gaming consoles and other game devices. It also includes USB 3.0 ports for personal data transfer and charging. And apart from providing a safe display with reduced blue light emission, it also delivers appealing ergonomics with height, swivel, and pivot adjustments. Finally, it will allow you to adjust the screen to your desired level, encouraging you to use it for gaming for an extended period.

  • PROS
  • Features a modern virtual border-less design with an IPS compatible display
  • The ergonomics allow you to adjust the screen to your desired level
  • Has 144Hz refresh rate and fast 1ms MPRT
  • Features USB 3.0 ports for personal data transfer and charging
  • CONS
  • Poor build quality

3. SAMSUNG Odyssey G7 Series Gaming Monitor, 32"

SAMSUNG Odyssey G7 Series 32-Inch WQHD (2560x1440) Gaming Monitor, 240Hz, Curved, 1ms, HDMI, G-Sync, FreeSync Premium Pro (LC32G75TQSNXZA)
  • UNMATCHED IMMERSION: Get your head in the game with Odyssey’s 1000R panel, which matches the curvature of the human eye for maximum immersion and minimal eye strain. Set with Stand (inches)-27.96 x 23.41 x 12.04
  • WQHD RESOLUTION: Make your gaming world, more lifelike than ever before. Packing in 1. 7 times the pixel density of Full HD, WQHD resolution boasts incredibly detailed, pin-sharp images. Experience a fuller view with more space to take in all the action.
  • NVIDIA G-SYNC & FREESYNC: Dropping frames means dropping chances to put your enemy in the dirt. With NVIDIA G-SYNC and FreeSync Premium Pro support, Odyssey matches every frame from your graphics card, so you’re never caught short from moment to moment.
  • RAPID 240hz REFRESH RATE: Topping leaderboards never looked or felt so smooth. With Odyssey’s rapid 240hz refresh rate, you have up to four times as many frames displayed on screen every second compared to a traditional screen.
  • INFINITY CORE LIGHTING: Odyssey’s Infinity Core is a striking addition to any desktop, matching world firsts in technology, with stunning visual design.

The Samsung Odyssey G7 Monitor features all the performance-tailored specifications for an immersive gaming experience, including a fast refresh rate and 1000R curvature. In addition, the monitor has a 1440p screen resolution, a quick 240hz refresh rate, and a low 1ms GTG response time. Aside from the performance, the best thing about this monitor is that you can choose between 27′′ and 32′′ sizes. Although this may seem like a no-brainer, not most displays on the market today provide identical specifications in two different sizes, allowing you the option to prioritize immersion.

Furthermore, the 1000R curvature corresponds to your eyeball curve, reducing general strain during lengthy gaming sessions. Also, the VA panel on this Samsung Odyssey monitor does not exhibit nearly as much backlight bleed and smearing as you might think. As a result, it works admirably and is regarded as one of the top VA panels on the market today.

  • PROS
  • It comes with a 1ms response time
  • Features high 240Hz variable refresh rate
  • Compatible with Xbox series x and series S
  • Has 1000R curvature
  • Offers excellent image quality
  • CONS
  • Poor build quality

4. ASUS TUF (VG27AQ) 27" 2K HDR Gaming Monitor

ASUS TUF Gaming 27" 2K HDR Gaming Monitor (VG27AQ) - QHD (2560 x 1440), 165Hz (Supports 144Hz), 1ms, Extreme Low Motion Blur, Speaker, G-SYNC Compatible, VESA Mountable, DisplayPort, HDMI
  • 27 inch WQHD (2560x1440) IPS gaming monitor with 1ms (MPRT) response time 165Hz refresh rate (supports 144Hz) and G-SYNC compatibility for a tear-free experience
  • ASUS Extreme Low Motion Blur Sync (ELMB Sync) Technology enables a 1ms response time (MPRT) together with Adaptive-Sync eliminating ghosting and tearing for sharp gaming visuals with high frame rates
  • Marathon ready with ASUS Eye Care technology to minimize eye fatigue and an ergonomic stand with full height/tilt/swivel/pivot adjustments to accommodate any desk
  • Compatible with industry-standard HDR10 High Dynamic Range for color and brightness levels that exceed the capabilities of ordinary monitors
  • Flexible connectivity options with DisplayPort 1.2 and Dual HDMI (V2.0)

Consider the ASUS TUF VG27AQ if you value speed, response, and overall gameplay. This gaming monitor's design is similar to other ASUS TUF gaming monitors. However, it has a great design that's appealing without being flashy or out of place. Besides, like other TUF monitors, it has a boxy design that's extremely solid.

Apart from the design, you can anticipate a 165Hz refresh rate, a 1440p screen resolution, and a low 1ms MPRT reaction time- a good blend of specs that should keep screen artifacts such as tearing and ghosting to a minimum. Additionally, this monitor's color accuracy is far from optimal, with most game settings delivering an oversaturated color profile offering good image quality. However, the OSD has a simple interface that allows you to change the colors with relative simplicity.

Conversely, this monitor's stand gives exceptional versatility and utility. Due to the 90-degree pivot feature, you can effortlessly use the monitor in both landscape and portrait mode.

  • PROS
  • It has a boxy design that's extremely solid
  • You can use the monitor in both landscape and portrait mode
  • Allows you to change the colors with relative simplicity
  • Has 165Hz refresh rate and fast 1ms MPRT
  • CONS
  • Some users complain of quality issues.

5. ASUS VG279Q Eye Care Gaming Monitor, 27"

ASUS VG279Q 27" Full HD 1080p IPS 144Hz 1ms (MPRT) DP HDMI DVI Eye Care Gaming Monitor with FreeSync/Adaptive Sync
  • 27” Full HD (1920 x 1080) IPS 1ms MPRT gaming monitor with ASUS game Fast input technology for a fully responsive gaming experience
  • Marathon ready with ASUS Eye Care technology to minimize eye fatigue and an ergonomic stand with full height/tilt/swivel/pivot adjustments to accommodate any desk
  • Exclusive GameVisual & GAME plus functions to enhance color performance and control
  • Free Sync/Adaptive Sync with 144Hz refresh rate for a tear-free experience with AMD Radeon GPU
  • Shadow Boost enhances image details in dark areas, brightening scenes without over-exposing bright areas

If you're looking for the best gaming monitor for Xbox series S that offers you great performance at a budget-friendly price tag, count on the Asus VG279Q Eye Care Monitor. This monitor for gaming features all the essential specifications and features for a smooth gaming experience. Besides, the budget monitor has an adequate 144Hz variable refresh rate, allowing smooth gameplay in casual and competitive gaming. In addition, it pairs well with adaptive sync technology, which reduces all screen tear possibilities.

In terms of gaming experience, the VG279Q has a rapid 1ms MPRT response time, which helps to reduce most ghosting and blurring problems. However, when playing games with fast-moving visuals, you will notice some haloing and light blurring. And although this is a great monitor, it falls short in certain areas such as color accuracy, builds quality, and features – but that is to be expected from a monitor of this price point.

  • PROS
  • Features great stand ergonomics
  • Has 144Hz refresh rate and fast 1ms MPRT
  • It comes with a budget-friendly price tag
  • Allows for smooth gameplay in casual and competitive gaming
  • CONS
  • Poor peak brightness

Factors to Consider Before Buying the Best Gaming Monitor for Xbox Series S

1. Screen size

One of the primary considerations when looking for the best monitor for Xbox is screen size. The size of the screen affects the distance you sit from the monitor and your experience as a console or PC gamer. We recommend sitting at least 3ft away from a 27" monitor. Also, you can note game items such as the surroundings or clothes at the same distance on smaller screen sizes.

In most situations, console gamers prefer a large screen with high picture quality and a pixel density that can be seen from a distance. As a result of the increased visual field, a bigger game display gives a great gaming experience. However, we recommend maintaining a safe space from a large monitor to avoid negative impacts on your eyes.

2. Image quality

Before buying the best gaming monitor for the Xbox series S, pay attention to the image quality. TN monitors are usually the fastest though the cheapest, since they have narrower viewing angles. Conversely, IPS panels have a slower reaction time than VA monitors, though they have better color. On the other hand, VA gaming monitors feature the best contrast ratio but the slowest reaction speeds.

3. G-Sync or FreeSync support

When shopping for the best gaming monitor for the Xbox series S, you will realize that you have; G-Sync or FreeSync support. Unfortunately, G-Sync is only supported by Nvidia graphics cards, while AMD graphics cards only support FreeSync. Therefore, although a FreeSync-only display may be capable of running G-Sync, performance is not assured. Conversely, FreeSync monitors are less costly, and their performance is comparable.

4. Response time

The reaction time is also an important consideration. The best gaming monitors should have short reaction times for faster and more fluid actions and low input lag, according to in-depth reviews. For instance, the most down reaction time for modern IPS panel displays is 4ms, whereas TN monitors have response speeds of 1 millisecond. So, a slower response time and a faster refresh rate reduce latency as you play games, resulting in increased gaming performance.

5. Ergonomics

We refer to the height and tilt adjustments when we talk about ergonomics. We also refer to the swivel control, although it's unusual unless on extremely large displays with pivot control. Unfortunately, this feature—which allows you to rotate the monitor from landscape to portrait mode and back—is nearly non-existent. And for obvious reasons, the curvature does not make sense in a vertical direction.

6. Anti-skip technology

Consider the Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) for anti-skip technology, which helps refresh the console or gaming PC rates considerably faster. So even if your gaming system's display frames are dropped, you will not encounter visual stuttering or screen tears. The VRR is typical for HDMI 2.1 connections for PC gaming, with PC players enjoying these variable refresh rates under both sync schemes. However, adopting HDMI should result in a quicker refresh rate than the latest technologies.

Frequently Asked Questions on the Best Gaming Monitor for Xbox Series S

1. Is HDMI 2.1 required for Xbox series S gamers?

Unlike the Xbox Series X, the Xbox Series S does not support 4K gameplay at 120 frames per second. However, the Series S is usually more suited to 1440p monitors, so you won't need to use the high-performance HDMI 2.1 connector.

2. Is RTX available on the Xbox Series S?

The Xbox Series X|S supports ray-tracing graphics technology, which effectively simulates how light naturally interact inside the gaming world. This results in more realistic graphics, but it was too much for earlier consoles to process.

3. Is it possible to play Fortnite on the Xbox Series S?

Although Rocket League and Fortnite are free to play, this console package contains an exclusive Rocket League cosmetics pack (Midnight Drive pack), 1000 Rocket League credits, and 1000 V-Bucks.

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