One of the most desirable features in PC cases is RGB lighting. The RGB lighting can help easily change the entire look of your gaming unit. Many PC users like to design the RGB lighting around their PC units themselves, but several companies are releasing cases that already include RGB lighting.

These cases look incredibly cool and are much more efficient than having to set up your RGB lighting. However, there’s more to a computer than just the RGB lighting. The article is going to give you an overview of the best RGB PC cases that come with RGB lighting. Without spending time being idle, let us look at the first PC case.

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Top RGB Computer Cases

Below, we will talk about 7 best rgb pc cases available on the market:

Thermaltake View 71 RGB
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The Thermaltake view 71 is a full tower PC case making it large enough to let you create an entire monster gaming unit. These cases have enough space to support all the power you need to play modern video games in 4k resolution. The tower stands at 23.3 inches tall and weighs around 42 pounds. It isn’t a case that’s easy to move, so make sure you decide where to place it beforehand.

Apart from being an absolute monster chassis, the Thermaltake is gorgeous to view as well. With four tempered glass scenes, the PC case offers a great view into the core of your system. Furthermore, the two side doors easily slide open, allowing you to get as DIY as you want with your PC without the hassle of having to unscrew any bolts. Furthermore, the glass panels efficiently provide enough space for optimal airflow.

In addition to the use of tempered glass, the PC case comes with three pre-installed led fans. The LED fans come with two modes. You can choose to let them stay either Red, Blue, White, and Green or Cycle randomly through 256 colors. Furthermore, the tower case holds the room for five more 120mm size fans. Additionally, the larger size of the case allows you to fit in a larger motherboard or multiple smaller motherboards. The case supports room for a 410mm size Graphic processing unit. The case further has support for ten expansion slots with room for 4 Accessible drive days and three hidden.

The PC case is a full tower case and has a much higher price than a mid-tower PC. The PC generally ranges from $290-310 and if you’re looking to make a monster gaming unit, then be ready to invest your money. Without a full tower case, it becomes impossible to max out performance in certain modern games.

CORSAIR Crystal 570X RGB

Another incredibly unique PC case by CORSAIR is the Crystal 570X. The crystal 570X comes with four tempered glass panels on the sides, front and top. The four glass panels allow for easy viewing on the insides of your system. Letting all the gamers around you see the monster components of your PC.

The PC case comes with three LED fans. The LED fans also have an RGB controller that allows you to switch between different settings. You can choose whatever color mode suits you best and roll with it.

Apart from the incredibly unique aesthetics, the case has a very spacious interior that gives you a considerable amount of room. You can tinker around with radiators and graphics cards to find the optimum combination between power and cooling.

An incredibly useful feature is the cable guidance. The cable routing channels allow you to manage all your cables easily.

The case in question is available for $$$ and is slightly expensive for a Mid-Tower Case. However, the extent of features on offer means you can quickly pay the extra $30-40 for this case.

darkFlash Phantom Black

Prepare to gasp at the sight of this stunning PC case. It is featuring three tempered glass panels on the front and sides. The case looks stunning and unique due to its incredibly minimalistic look. The entire control panel is on the top of the PC with nothing but the glass on the front and sides.

Additionally, the PC comes with a staggering 6 120 MM LED fans. The fans not only provide an incredibly futuristic look but make for an incredibly efficient cooling system. The roomy interior of the case allows you to fit in a 280mm radiator in the front quickly and a smaller 120mm radiator in the rear. The room doesn’t end there; you can also easily fit in a 375mm long graphics processing unit. They are giving you a perfect combination of power and cooling.

Being a mid-tower RGB computer case, it can easily support ATX, Micro ATX, and ITX motherboards. Allowing you to pick and choose the option that best fulfills your needs.

Furthermore, the PC case has new connectivity ports that allow you to connect all your new devices to maximize the potential quickly.

The darkFlash Phantom black is one of the more aesthetic looking PC cases. Due to its unique styling, the PC case costs around 1$$. However, the PC case also comes with Six LED fans pre-installed saving you a lot in future investments.

If you’re looking for an incredibly unique looking RGB PC case, you can easily invest in the Phantom Black.

Rosewill Nighthawk Z-RGB

The Rosewill Nighthawk is the last RGB PC case on our list. The Nighthawk Z comes with a single tempered glass pane on the side. The Panel allows you to view the running’s of your system from one hand easily. Additionally, the computer case comes with an open front panel that will enable you to look into the PC case.

The front fans are easily visible, and there are three of them. The first three fans, along with the open panel, create an incredible look. The fans are incredibly cool looking and also make for an efficient cooling system.

The Nighthawk is a very spacious interior, and you can use the interior to fit in several large-sized radiators. Furthermore, the interior is spacious enough to support any significant motherboard.

The PC case cost is affordable, and you may think your paying for a quality product, but the company is relatively small so be careful ordering this particular case.

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