One of the things you have to get right when it comes to online gaming is a strong internet connection. You might need the strong internet signal even more, when you are in a multiplayer gaming mode. There are many ways of achieving a network connection, including using a wireless signal from wi-fi extenders or a simple wi-fi connection. However, a wired connection is preferable because of the efficiency in supplementing a Wi fi router for long range strong internet.

When using wired ethernet connections, you might use multiple connected devices, each needing an ethernet cable. To solve this cabling problem, all you need is a powerline adapter. Getting the best powerline adapter for gaming is perfect for you because of the range you can achieve without having a million ethernet cables running in every corner of the house.

We will look at the best powerline ethernet adapter for gaming, but first, what are they? and how do they work?

What is a Powerline Adapter

A powerline adapter is a device that takes advantage of your home network or wiring system to transmit communication signals. For example, powerline adapters connect devices that use the internet connection to the router that may be a distance away from the point of installation. The powerline adapters plug into the wall socket, connecting to the router and the device using an ethernet cable.

Simply put, all you need are two powerline adapters to work together. First, connect one powerline adapter to the socket and then to the router using an ethernet cable. Next, you connect the other powerline adapter to a socket near your device and then to the device using an ethernet cable. The two powerline adapters will then take advantage of the home's electrical wiring to signal each other.

In this case, the importance of a powerline adapter is to provide a wired ethernet connection between the device and the router via the powerline network. This connection may be faster than the wireless signal provided by a wi-fi network to your smart tv or gaming console. The powerline connection can achieve a higher speed because of the increased development of the technology. Wired connections are generally faster than wireless connections so far.

Best Powerline Ethernet Adapters


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Other powerline adapters may work slightly differently. The different powerline adapters include the powerline wi-fi extenders or the powerline wifi adapter. Instead of having ethernet ports at the end, they produce a wireless wi-fi signal. You can use these powerline adapters for wireless devices far from the wifi router.

The other type of powerline adapter is a pass-through adapter that allows sharing of an electrical signal. The adapter acts as an electrical outlet that comes in handy when all the sockets are used.

Here are some powerline adapters for gaming to solve your internet connection issues and enhance your gaming experience.

Best Powerline Adapter for Gaming

1) Netgear Powerline Adapters

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Netgear powerline adapters for gaming provide up to 2000 Mbps which is enough for streaming and online gaming. The wall plug has 2-gigabit ethernet ports with passthrough for unmatched efficient and fast connections. In addition, the adapter has an extra outlet to compensate for the occupied space on the socket, making your work seamless and more efficient compared to other adapters.

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The adapters have MIMO with beamforming technologies for 4k streaming and lag-free gaming. If you are going to buy the best RGB monitor, then it is wise to have smooth connectivity to game and stream on the it.

  • PROS
  • Plug and play
  • Extremely fast
  • Best powerline adapter for gaming
  • Noise filtering power outlet
  • Two-gigabit ethernet ports
  • Connect multiple adapters for extended connection
  • CONS
  • Adapter may be subject to electrical interference.

2) TP-Link Powerline Adapter

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TP-link powerline adapters for gaming are your ideal internet connection, each with a two gigabit ethernet ports for multiple devices. The plug and play adapter is easy to install, allowing for flexibility and efficiency. The biggest worry for such installations is the space taken on the socket. The powerline adapter solves this problem by having an extra socket for other devices.

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Get full-speed internet connections with the TP-Link powerline adapters for gaming.

  • PROS
  • Private and safe connection
  • Efficient powerline adapters
  • Two-gigabit ethernet ports
  • Noise filtering socket
  • CONS
  • You have to pair it with the same brand.

3) Tenda 1-Port Gigabit Powerline Adapters

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Tenda is your quick fix for your internet extensions in your house. The adapter has a user-friendly setup and light indicators to show you when the signal strength at any given time. In addition, the power-saving mode on the adapter saves you extra money that you may have used on bills. The budget powerline adapter is easy to install and comes with an installation guide to save time. You will get an ethernet cable included, and the product is plug-and-play.

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  • PROS
  • Easy to install
  • Affordable
  • Includes a power-saving mode
  • Installation guide included
  • CONS
  • Only a single gigabit ethernet port

4) Zyxel Powerline Ethernet Adapter

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Zyxel has a lag-free connection that you will hardly find on other adapters. Zyxel has the best powerline adapters for gaming and streaming to transform your power outlets into fast internet connections. The powerline adapter has MIMO and beamforming connections that offer efficiency and reliability for stable network connections.

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  • PROS
  • MIMO and beamforming technology
  • Up to 1300 Mbps
  • Plug and play
  • Easy to create networks
  • CONS
  • No extra socket

5) D-Link Powerline Adapters

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With 1000 Mbps, you are guaranteed smooth online gaming sessions with the D-Link powerline adapters. The adapters have a high-speed gigabit ethernet port for ultra-fast internet connection. You can connect multiple adapters to expand the wireless router's connection for a reduced load. A wired alternative is always called for, and D-Link is a sure solution to your slow internet speeds.

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  • PROS
  • Ultra-fast wired connection
  • You can expand your network with multiple adapters
  • Plug and play
  • Fast Streaming and gaming
  • CONS
  • More gigabit ethernet ports are preferable to one ethernet port.

6) Comtrend Powerline Adapter

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Comtrend has a special feature that other adapters do not have. You can connect the adapter over a coaxial cable to bring the internet into hard-to-reach locations in the house. The adapter provides a better connection than the wireless connection and is more convenient than installing long ethernet cables. The ethernet over coaxial cable is a technology that no one else explores more than Comtrend.

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  • PROS
  • Take advantage of the coaxial cables reducing socket pressure
  • Easy installation
  • Fast Streaming and gaming
  • Faster than wireless connections
  • CONS
  • The coaxial cable must be used exclusively for the adapter and not simultaneously with the tv.

Pros and Cons of a Powerline Adapter

A powerline adapter is a great tool that has many advantages. However, just like any other technology, the powerline adapter has upsides and downsides. You can expect to run into a few issues as you would with any installation, and it is good to know them beforehand to prepare or know what to do should anything arise. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of the powerline adapter technology.

1) Pros

a) Wifi Extension

Wi-fi extension is probably the main reason you are getting the powerline adapter. Your house's wi-fi network speeds vary from point to point because of range. Every router has a range limit that it can cover. Therefore, if you use a wireless network, you may encounter poor network speeds after a certain distance. The best way to go about such a situation is to take advantage 0f the ethernet port behind the router and create wired connections. This is where the powerline adapter comes in.

You may have other options like the wi-fi repeater. However, the powerline adapter does better than the repeater because the wi-fi reception becomes problematic after a given distance, even with the repeater installed. Also, if you are using the wi-fi signal in another room that may be a bit isolated, even the repeater may have some issues picking up the wireless network. In this case, your best choice is the powerline adapter.

b) Flexibility

Nothing is better than being able to move the internet connection with you at every point of the house. As long as there is a socket where the ethernet cable will be able to reach the devices connected, you will be good to go. Wi-fi connections are the difference between efficiency and inefficiency sometimes. For gamers, you may need to download many things, create connections, upload, stream and do work that needs fast data transfer speeds.

For non-gamers, you may need a stable connection for sharing files, working, streaming and downloading stuff. For example, I am guilty of bringing work to bed sometimes, especially when transferring files, to monitor the progress. Powerline networking is a perfect solution for these kinds of scenarios.

c) Wired Connections Without Ethernet

Installing Ethernet cables all over the house can be time-consuming and quite expensive, especially if you are doing it temporarily or for a single device. The installation process needs many changes to be made on the wall, and you will need to buy meters of the ethernet cable to fit your needs. Thanks to the powerline adapter, you no longer have this problem. All you need is your house's electrical system, which is already pre-installed.

You will save time and money and reduce the chances of having to do repairs in the future when making changes in your house setup. A permanent installation is not as flexible as the powerline adapter, which may be a huge inconvenience. You need power outlets for a powerline installation, and you are good to go. Powerline speeds are as good as the direct ethernet connection speeds, and you do not have to worry about that.

When buying a powerline adapter, ensure you get a second adapter to complete the connection. The powerline kit will probably have all you need inside.

d) Easy Setup

We all love things we can plug and play with without the need of having to spend time and money looking for someone to come and help in creating an ethernet connection on our behalf. The powerline adapter is a plug-and-play setup that requires minimum effort and time to execute. Once you find a power outlet, your problems are solved because the system uses the electrical system in the house.

Powerline adaptors are a simple setup even if you do not consider yourself tech-savvy. However, most gamers like building their own set ups. If you know how much it costs to build a gaming pc, powerline adapters are one way of saving on costs.

All you need to do once you set up the adapters is pair them and start using the powerline adapter. If you have trouble setting up the SSID for the wifi, you should not worry because most powerline adapters have an app to help you navigate the whole process. Most of those apps are user-friendly too.

e) Frees up the Wi-Fi

Multiple devices are probably connected to the wi fi network in your house. One way of freeing up the wi-fi signal to achieve maximum speed is using the powerline adapter. When you connect these adapters, you take away a lot of strain from the wireless connection and distribute it to wired connections. As a result, the wireless connection is freed up for use by other devices more efficiently.

Load is one of the factors that affect internet speeds. If the load is reduced, you will often notice an improvement in the internet speeds. These changes sometimes go unnoticed. However, when you are streaming with, say, 4k, you might notice a difference when the internet load is freed up.

f) Bolt-on Any Network

Very rarely will you use the powerline connection exclusively without another type of internet connection. The good thing with a powerline adapter is that you can bolt it to both wireless and wired connections. You can use the adapter to extend an already existing ethernet connection and even plan future extensions with the adapter.

g) Multiple Users

Internet connection in a house is not only shared by multiple people but also by multiple devices. The great thing with the powerline adapter is that you can find some with multiple ethernet ports that allow multiple adapters and devices to plug in. While some powerline adapters have a single ethernet port, others can have more than two ethernet ports for multiple users. So even with just one ethernet port, the adapter is better than other options. However, an extra ethernet port is always a welcome idea.

The multiple user options take the powerline adapter from just a cool device but a convenient one to install for band steering, fast roaming, access point steering and more.

2) Cons

a) Electrical Interference

Since the powerline adapters are installed on an electrical system, there is a possibility of electrical interference every time there is a surge. All electrical appliances can be affected by an erroneous electrical signal. Most appliances have a surge protector or simple things like the resistor. The powerline adapter is no different.

Most powerline adapters have a signal for when there is a problem with the electrical circuit that may affect the internet connection. An indicator light will show red or orange on the adapter when there is interference. Interference is normal. However, intermittent interference may degrade the strength of the internet signal.

The powerline adapter is better than a weak wireless connection anytime with electrical interference.

b) You Have to Use the Same Circuit

If you go to the meter box or the mains in your house, you will notice multiple switches and the main switch. These small switches are for different electrical circuits in the home network. Experiment and switch them off one by one to see what is affected. Some switches control the circuit for the house's lighting, some for the sockets, and others for the heavy-duty sockets for the shower heater and the electrical cooker or oven. The big, red switch in your kitchen is probably in a different circuit from your kitchen bulb.

The two adapters have to be on the same circuit for the powerline adapter to work. If they are on two different electrical circuits in the house, there will be no internet connectivity. Most homes do not have this problem. However, if there was an extension of the circuit, you may encounter this problem. For example, you will notice this issue sometimes when trying to create the connection to a garden office or a different house in an apartment.

You will rarely encounter this problem.

c) Losing Speed

The setup of the powerline adapter may cause it to lose speed in some instances. While the power consumption is greatly reduced and you will enjoy other advantages, the connection might lose speed by some Mbps in some instances. You may not notice these changes if you are using fast internet. However, if you are losing speeds from 7 Mbps to 5 Mbps, you will notice a difference. Sometimes this happens without the load being the issue.

d) Powerline Adapters Work Better as Single Networks

The powerline adapter network is easy to set up, and you might be tempted to use the setup to create a home network. The problem is that you will experience delays and reduced efficiency on the wi-fi capabilities that the network provides when you use it in a large system. Therefore, connecting multiple adapters is not your best bet, even for the fastest powerline adapters. Instead, you would rather connect a single point-to-point connection to achieve maximum speed.

e) You Have to Use the Same Brand

You can not use a different brand to connect to a different adapter. Older powerline adapters may not connect to newer or different adapters. If there is damage to a single adapter, you have to buy a whole set to replace it. This might be costly or slightly annoying, especially if you already had some adapters lying around. For example, say you have a TP-link adapter; you will have to use another adapter of the same brand to achieve a successful connection.

f) Configuration Problems

Configuration issues will only be a problem if you use powerline adapters for wi-fi extensions. The problems arise, especially if the network is crowded and multiple devices are connected to the same router. Going for an adapter with a gigabit ethernet port will solve the configuration problem because you are getting a direct connection. I would advise against a wireless powerline adapters for gaming because of the eventual inefficiency when the network is cr0owded.

g) Limited to Socket Locations

You need to connect the adapter to an electrical circuit whose outlet is a wall socket. All powerline kits work this way and are limited to these connection points. You will be limited to a socket point, which is not a big deal in most cases because this is where you set up your gaming console most of the time.

Can you use the powerline adapter on an extension cord? Yes, you can because the cord is an extension of the same electrical circuit. However, this reduces internet connectivity, limiting you to having a socket dedicated to the powerline adapter. This might be disadvantageous if you have multiple appliances that may need to share a socket.

Final Take

The powerline adapters are a technological solution everyone should take advantage of. The adapters increase your internet speeds over long distances and increase gamers' efficiency who stream and have heavy downloads. In addition, with multiple gigabit ethernet ports, you can increase your capabilities by connecting multiple devices. The best powerline adapters for gamers are fairly easy to find and install, and you have no reason for not getting yourself one with no less than two-gigabit ethernet ports.

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