4 The Best RGB PSU Cables in 2020

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It’s hard to ignore the fact that the PSU cables are the most important bit of hardware. Why? Because a high-quality supply outlives other components and can be utilized in subsequent forms. When buying PC components, you’ll often run into a variety of products, but stop here and look comprehensively for the best PSU cables we’ve chosen for you.

Simply put for your information,  a modular PSU permits the developer to connect or confine cables as they’re required. On the other hand, traditional power supplies have the cables attached permanently to the PSU. Semi-modular PSUs strike a balance between the two: some cables are permanently attached, while other cables are detachable.

The PSUs have a major advantage when it comes to cable management. Linking the cables and their management can be one of the most time-consuming and tedious tasks in PC building. A modular PSU permits the manufacturer to just utilize the cables that are needed for the build, which can significantly reduce cable clutter in the case. his can improve wind stream in addition to aesthetics.

Why should you care about PSU cables and their management?

It’s because of the three main reasons listed below:

  • Easier to get into your build and upgrade
  • Better airflow and dust management
  • It looks much better when the PSU cables are organized

PSUs can be like high-octane fuel for your gaming rig, assisting with giving clean power and guaranteeing the entire thing doesn’t go up in a puff of smoke. So don’t compromise with the low-quality power supply cables as we have selected a diverse range for you. Thus, warm-up your wallets and choose the one which suits you the best!

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Below, we will talk about four the best RGB cables available on the market:

EZDIY-FAB White PSU Extension Kit with RGB Cable Combs

Wanna combine your cable management with elegant RGB lighting? No need to worry EZDIY-FAB RGB Cable got you covered! Additionally, brushes sync with your addressable RGB lighting framework to give your PC that additional piece of RGB marvellous.

Additionally, it is intended and perfectly designed for sleeved cable. The size has been designed to work perfectly with sleeving and have just the right amount of retention to hold the cable into the comb without tarnishing the sleeve.

Also, it is very easy to use. The combs hold the front and back cables together securely on one side with a slight spacer in between that holds the cables separate making for a clean wiring look.

Each Extension cables comes in 300mm in length with black connectors on both ends which extends the power. Furthermore, each cable is proper sleeved and secured without the need for heat-shrink material and made with 16AWG wire for better heat resistance.

In like manner, it is compatible with many DIY RGB controllers as well as motherboards with addressable/digital RGB headers, can be easily controlled as well as compatible with Asus Aura, ASRock RGB and MSI RGB.

The wireless remote control helps the RGB colours to change by using the RF remote. It has more than 300 modes of light effect by using RF remote control. If your motherboard doesn’t come with 5V ARGB header, you can use the remote control to change colours.

Remember, do not connect the strip to a 12V connector and connecting RGB Cable Combs backwards will destroy the LEDs on the combs permanently. Be sure to double-check the orientation of connectors before turning your PC on.


  • Package Dimensions: 13.9 x 3 x 1.9 inches
  • Item Weight: 1.35 pounds
  • Includes RGB Cable Combs
  • Premium nylon sleeved cable extension kits-300mm


  • Cable Management keeps your cables in good condition
  • Rounded edges to prevent damage to the cables
  • Equipped with addressable RGB LED lights
  • You can control and change the 250 colours by connecting to the motherboard
  • PC link brushes guarantee cable separation and expanded wind current while keeping up a composed look inside your PC


  • Cannot connect with the 12V connector
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