Razer is Launching Its Project Hazel RGB Smart Mask

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A Sneak-peak into the Gamers World

Razer is the world’s driving way of life brand for gamers.

Razer’s three-headed snake brand is possibly the most perceived logos in the worldwide gaming and esports networks. With a fan base that traverses each mainland, the organization has planned and assembled the world’s most potent player-driven equipment, programming, and services ecosystem.

Razer’s software platform, with more than 125 million users, includes Razer Synapse (an IoT platform), Razer Chroma RGB, and Razer Cortex.

Razer additionally offers installment administrations for gamers, youth, millennials, and Generation Z. Razer Gold is quite possibly the broadest gaming installment benefits worldwide. Razer Fintech gives fintech administrations in developing business sectors.

Founded in 2005 and with two headquarters in Irvine, California, and Singapore, Razer has 17 offices worldwide and is recognized as the leading brand for gamers in the US, Europe, and China.

Razer Decided To Make the Hazel Face Mask A Genuine Product

Take on the new normal with protection that is far from average. Revealed as a prototype at CES in January, Razer presents its smartest mask ever created. This design focuses on five key areas to ensure the highest degree of safety with the best quality of life improvements.

Razer has confirmed that its ‘Project Hazel‘ intelligent face mask is transitioning from a concept to a legitimate product. This is what is known so far.

Even though it first appeared as an idea item, Razer has affirmed that it intends to sell its insightful face cover that surprised the tech world at CES 2021. While CES 2021 was held as a fully digital event this year, It still housed quite a few notable product announcements, one of the biggest coming from Razer. Razer has become known for unveiling radical concept devices at CES, and previous ones included a laptop with three screens that used a smartphone as a trackpad.

By 2021, Razer used CES to showcase its intelligent face mask (Project Hazel). Face veils have now gotten a staple of regular daily existence, and with the Razer Smart Mask, Razer planned to make the most intelligent one yet. The Razer Smart Skin has a straightforward plan, a receiver, and a speaker framework to enhance the client’s voice and RGB lighting on the sides.

At first, the gadget was presented as a Razer idea item, and the organization didn’t offer data on retail accessibility. According to a new report from Yahoo! Finance, Razer is present “completely put resources into making these skins a reality and will go into creation.” Razer has been utilizing a portion of its creation offices since January to help produce dispensable face covers. All things considered, as indicated by CEO Min-Liang Tan, the organization “understood the maintainability angle” of individuals who wear and discard dispensable masks.

With that in mind that face masks are likely to remain a part of everyday life, Razer has decided to move on to make the intelligent cover an actual product. Tan says: “We were thinking, this is a hypothetical undertaking, and it will be material when the antibodies and everything is executed.”

“Razer is managing huge scope assembling of an insightful face cover charged by Project Hazel, the thought plan that he unveiled at CES 2021. The final product will be available in Q3 2021 as part of the Razer mask portfolio. Smart “. Addie Tan, Razer’s associate director of business development, said in a statement. “It can incorporate highlights taken from the first plan idea, however with an attention on reasonableness and common sense for ordinary use.”

Razer Project Hazel Face Mask

The Official Price & Release Date Are Veiled Yet!

While it’s pretty energizing to hear that Razer’s Smart Skin has gone from idea to genuine item, it’s significant that there’s still no exact ETA on when it will be free for clients to go out and purchase. While the veil as of now seems, by all accounts, to be a wholly acknowledged item, Razer should get an endorsement from the FDA, CDC, or OSHA before it can start to be sold. Those endorsements will most likely take some time; however (ideally), there will be a superior comprehension of accessibility in the coming weeks/months.

The other unavoidable question that remains is the cost.  With features like RGB lighting and a voice amplifier, the Razer Smart Mask is sure to cost a lot more than regular face masks.

While all that innovation is verifiably extraordinary, it will include some significant disadvantages, as well. It isn’t easy to nail down an exact cost, considering the veil is stand-out, so it’s something different that will require somewhat more persistence.

So you will have to wait to get the skin, but Razer has a few other wearable devices available now.

Hazel Face Mask Specifications

N95 Surgical Respirator

The mask has high bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) and fluid resistance that protects against large drops and splashes.

Active Ventilation

The innovative mask’s detachable fan regulates airflow and can filter at least 95% of airborne particles.

Self-sterilization Function

Project Hazel accompanies a particular accusing case lined with a bright light inside that eliminates microorganisms and infections as the veil is charged.

Clear & Transparent

Enjoy a more fluid social interaction with others since they will be able to watch you speak and pick up your facial signals easily.

Razer Project Hazel Transparent Mask

Low Light Mode Ability

The interior of the innovative mask automatically lights up when it’s dark, allowing you to express yourself regardless of lighting conditions.

Voiceamp Technology

Thanks to a combination of a built-in microphone and amplifier, Razer’s patent-pending technology ensures that your speech is not muffled even when masked.

Replaceable Filters & Rechargeable Fans

The mask’s BFE rating can be easily maintained by swapping out new filters on the fans, which have long battery life for all-day use.

Optimized Airflow

Its active ventilation provides fresh air and releases the heat produced by exhalation, avoiding the accumulation of CO2 in the mask that can cause headaches and dizziness.

Hermetic Seal

The silicone protector fits snugly around your face to prevent air from leaking out and prevents the mask from touching or resting on your mouth so you can speak naturally.

Adjustable Ear-cups and Sizes

Thicker earmuffs put less pressure on the ears and can be adjusted for a more secure fit, while you can customize the mask to fit the shape of your face.

Wireless Charging Case With UV Sterilizer

With a dual-purpose quick charger that sterilizes simultaneously, the bright mask is always ready to use—lights from red to green for easy reference when checking the battery level.


The waterproof and scratch-resistant mask is as rigid as it is sustainable – it is made from recyclable plastic to minimize waste compared to disposable masks significantly.


Because no intelligent skin would be complete without a bit of flair, offering 16.8 million colors and a set of iconic effects, it turns heads. At the same time, you’re safe with two customizable lighting zones powered by Razer Chroma RGB technology.

The only things missing are the releasing date and cost. However, it surely will not be modest, particularly contrasted with material covers. Can’t wait to try the Project Hazel mask? Look great with the AR filter available on Instagram.